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Bring Amina To Your Community!

You can host a S.T.E.A.M. Workshop or Lecture Demonstration in your community, at your job, dance studio, celebration, conferences, or festivals!


Read on below to see what services are available in person and how you can bring this energy to you!


West African Dance - Ballet Style

Contract Amina and even her musicians for an in-person, traditional, African "Ballet" style West African dance class. Classes include song(s) and details of the dances origin. Amina specializes in dances from Guinea, Mali, and Senegal. She is also a trained Modern, Tap, Jazz, and Ballet dancer.


Sacred DunDun Dance

Amina has developed a new way to use the gifts from The Ancestors and incorporate their teachings to connect to Mama Earth, Father Sky, and All The Forces That Be through the heartbeat of the Universe, as felt through the drum! She will teach how to use the rhythms to align chakras and open up the flow of energy within, as well as the aura.


FEMhealing African Dance

This class is specifically tailored to the Divine Feminine energy within. The workshop uses dances from traditional African dance and Amina Chi (Spirit guided) to heal issues that plague feminine energies in the womb, the mental, and heart center. Workshop can be taught with live musicians or without.



Book an in-person session with Amina to contact one of or a few of your deceased loved ones for messages and information they wanted to share before passing or just to encourage you. Amina is a Master Intuit and can be contracted for mediumship or just general intuitive readings using oracles and tarot cards based on various topics such as love, career, family, etc.


Guest Performer

Yes, you can hire Amina or even her troupe of musicians and performers to be apart of your event! You can add an amazing and healing show to raise the energy of any space or location!

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Commission S.T.E.A.M. Healing Choreo &/or Spoken Word

Amina is available to be commissioned for choreography for dancers and groups/ companies. She can also create a poem that can be used to open, close, or compliment a dance in any kind of concert! This is her specialty and many groups have commissioned her work.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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We can't wait to work with you in your part of the World!

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