Do You Want To Book Your Own Personal 1 On 1 Reading With Amina? Maybe you seek Mediumship and want to experience one of Amina's talks with Ancestor Sessions?

There are several kinds available with various topics of focus, as well as different ways to have them sent to you. Please read carefully and email us if you have any questions before booking a session at
Enjoy your readings!

Readings Offered:

  • General Outlook (Present)

  • Life Purpose & Direction

  • Spirit Guide Messages

  • Ancestor Messages

  • Career & Finances Reading

  • Romance/ Love Reading

  • Past Life Reading

  • Spirit Animal Reading

  • Tree/ Earth Wisdom Reading

  • Channeled Messages From Ex- Lovers, Distant Family, Former Friends

  • Chakra/ Aura Reading

  • Starseed Reading

  • Ancient African Ancestor Wisdom

  • Shadow Work Guidance/ Breakthrough 


*SPECIAL VIA FACEBOOK MESSENGER! - Voice Clips Reading sent directly to your inbox. Quickie reading for only $50*

To book please inbox via FB your interest to

MP4 Video Recording - $75 (45-60 minute long reading)

Live Via Zoom - $150 for 1 hour+ 

(To record and download a session add $50 to total cost. You will be billed when the download link is sent to you.)

Mediumship/ Contact With Those Past On - $200 per session live via Zoom (1 hour+)

Special Request/ Add-On's:

  • 5 Questions

  • Extra Reading Type Add- On

  • Guided 10 minute Visualization 

ALL Add-On's are an extra $20 added to the reading's original cost.

Any live sessions that go over the booked time will not continue until a paypal or cashapp payment is made for the next half hour ($50), unless Amina is the cause for the over time.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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