Shift Into A New Cycle And Heal Wounds
Physically & Spiritually Upgrade
While Connecting To Source and Developing Your Intuition.
ThE SIGNATURE Program of
S.T.E.A.M. Holistic Arts

I'm so excited to offer my Signature Program as a certification course, as well as a system for healing and raising your vibration into your heart center!

"FEEL THE SHIFT!" (Into Love) is an amazing way to release old patterns and open up to new blessed beginnings month after month - on all levels!

First 3 months - "HEALING PROCESS"

(Wed.'s, Sat.'s, & Sun.'s)

  • Spiritually cleanse, let go of, and release any baggage.

  • Identify blocks and heal wounds. 

  • Use energy-balancing techniques of The Ancients.

  • Weekly "S.T.E.A.M." Sessions to align with The Forces That Be.

  • Move in-sync with The Universe's Flow (Lunar and Solar Cycles).

Second set of 3 months - "AFRICAN DANCE/ DRUM AS MEDICINE"

  • Beginner West African Dance Techniques

  • Susu Language Basics

  • Mantras & Mudras 

  • Sacred Dundun Dance

  • Blending Inspired Movement with Technique

Third set of 3 months - "MANIFESTING INTENTIONS"

  • Increasing Third Eye Awareness.

  • Understanding the Tarot

  • Interpreting Oracle Cards.

  • Creating Oracles Cards.

  • Channeling Without Physical Guidance.

  • Calling In All We Want Now!

FTS! is also a gentle way to get your energy into alignment with Source, joining your Higher Self, while also allowing your body to become more flexible, have less/ no restrictions in movement, and lose weight without the focus being on fitness.


  • Emotional balance

  • Physical energy boost

  • Knowledge of spiritual gifts

  • Increased inner knowing

  • Confidence on your journey

  • Closure from past disappointments/ pain

  • Contact with past on loved ones

  • Heart chakra opened

Program includes:

  1. Workbook and Discovery Chat

  2. A pendulum and crystal

  3. Homemade Intention Board - by end of first 3 months

  4. Monthly LIVE V.I.P. Reading for the month ahead/ Breakthrough Call - 1:1

  5. Private Facebook Gp and Zoom Meetings (available for replay when sessions are missed).

  6. One (private) 40 minute S.T.E.A.M. Session (Standing or seated) within course time.

This S.T.E.A.M. Course is for full, personalized, wellness

and so it's

limited to 11 people MAX!


$500 a month payment plan available.

Sessions take place every Sunday 1pm EST

and Wednesdays at 5pm EST via Zoom &/

or a Private FB Group.

EARLY BIRD $900 before Jan. 8th!

(Payment Plan option $300 per month)

DOORS CLOSE JAN. 15th, 2022 OR


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