Let it hurt. Let it go.
Let it heal. Let in peace.

FREE 5 DAy Energy-Shifting

Sept. 13th to Sept. 17th


Peace Lightworkers!

On Sept. 13th, 2021 4pm EST, I'm hosting an event Live on Facebook and it's FREE in my group!


It's a 5 day event that will assist you in replenishing your energy, raising your vibration into your heart center, and discovering ways to balance and heal your emotional wounds through intuitive guidance, channeled visualizations, and Soul Transforming Energy And Movement (S.T.E.A.M.).


Some Of The Results You'll Enjoy:

  • Emotions becoming more balanced.

  • Feeling physically energized, less tension in the body.

  • An idea of what your spiritual mission is and your guides along the journey.

  • Contact with past on loved ones that brings guidance and comfort.

  • Closure from past hurts and disappointments, through channeled messages.

  • Heart Chakra opening and visualizations becoming manifestations. 

Sept. 13th/ Day 1: "Identifying & Dancing Through Blocks"

We will first see exactly what could be in the way of your peace of mind and then address it through channeled messages and meditative dancing (based in Tai-Chi, Kundalini yoga, Shaolin Monk, West African dance and Graham) techniques.

Sept. 14th/ Day 2: "Cha-Cha-Chakra Check-up"

We will do an exercise and get some intuitive guidance as to which energy points need clearing; then focus our visualizations, mantras, and movements there for alignment to start to occur, allowing your vibration to be raised.

Sept. 15th/ Day 3: "Mudras, And Mantras, And Movement - Oh My!"/ "S.T.E.A.M. Technique(s)"

You will be guided through the basics of the healing technique I use to change the lives of soo many of my clients. Today learn West African dance, rhythms, mantras for peace of mind/ prosperity, and hand mudras that activate energies within your body and mind.

Sept. 16th/ Day 4: "Ease For Heart Healing"

Love and all of it's many blessings, as well as setbacks will be discussed, as we work to behave from the heart center, make choices from the heart, as well as forgive others so our hearts open to trust new love coming in.

Sept. 17th/ Day 5: "Talks With Ancestors"

Today we will contact past on loved ones and find closure through getting messages from them they weren't able to say while in physical form, as well as dancing with their energy, and learning how to meet with them on the 5D plane whenever you want to.


Sept. 18th/ Bonus Day: "Protecting Your Energy"

I will introduce to you the tools I use for keeping my energy protected from drainage.

Sept. 19th/ Bonus Day: "A Guide For Love's Journey"

The dreaded journey of the Karmic Connection, Soulmates, and Twin Flames, explained. Are you a Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine? Find out!

Sept. 20th/ Bonus Day: "Meet Your Spirit Guides - Who Are They?

There are soo many guides with you, during this session we will explore the animal spirits walking with you and then receive messages from them, as well as dance with them.

Sept. 21st/ Bonus Day: "Your Hidden Spiritual Gifts Revealed"

This will be a special day where we will find out exactly what you are meant to do on this planet and how to develop these gifts further.

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