Master Intuits Summit 2021

Join us during
"LION'S GATE" and a
New Moon in Leo on

AUGUST 8th, Sunday 1pm EST

In One Day Find Your Intuitive Guide & Reconnect To Higher Energies Through Tarot/ Oracle!

You Can Also Have An "Esper Experience" & Learn How To Use Your Inner Knowing To Change Your Life!

Join us for one day as several Masters of Intuitive Sight, Energy Reading/ Healing, Tarot, Oracle, Spirit Mediums, & Guides show you how to use divination tools and wisdom for balance as well as alignment.

You pay one price and are able to attend sessions with every presenter!

ONLY $50
Zoom link emailed after registration is received. Through Zoom you get a more personal experience where you can chat within the community but also possibly given the floor for questions and readings depending on the selected session.

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Event Schedule


Kaniba Alafia Kouyate-Heckstall

General New Moon Reading  1pm EST

Kaniba is a young lady who can connect with the energy of those she is around and read their intentions, since she was a child. For this event she is giving a general reading for whoever is on her live session that will guide them through the energy of the New Moon in Leo.


Amina Heckstall

Soul Transforming Energy And Movement 

1:30pm EST

Amina Heckstall (a dancer and Master Medium with over 30 years experience) is going to introduce you to a world where through oracle guidance, channeled visualizations, and meditative African dance movement you experience the ultimate full, spectrum healing and re-alignment with Source that is the foundation for bliss, freedom of Spirit, as well as physical wellness.


Allison Morrow

Intuitive Guidance 

3pm EST

Known as, "Divine Sunshine" because she is that in the lives of those she touches. She offers clients, spiritual guidance to help you find that Divine Sunshine within. Her mantra is, The sun sets every day and what we perceive, is that it is dark. But the sun still shines. just as it does for you! As you feel like times are tough or "dark" there is still a light that shines within you, and I can help guide you to find that again. Allison will channel any messages from your spirit guides that you may need to receive at that time, along with read your energy and guide you on which chakras need more clearing. She gives hope through her guidance and love through her Fb posts she shares with those drawn to her. Do not miss Allison at 3pm EST as she offers gentle guidance and healing.


Marcy Currier

The Court Cards In Tarot: A Different Vibe

 3:30pm EST

Marcy Currier is an artist, healer, yogi, and intuitive consultant, here to help you see yourself more clearly, love yourself more completely, and have a surprising amount of fun in the process. For the past two decades, Marcy has immersed herself in the study of archetypes, imagery, and symbols. A natural empath, medium, and channel, she is trained in a variety of healing techniques and is a professionally certified Tarot card reader, reiki master, and kundalini yoga teacher. She is committed to bringing out the brilliant genius that resides in everyone, and to guiding people in their encounters with Truth.


Michelle Gugelmeyer

Tarot And The Importance of Daily Ritual for Manifestation

4:30pm EST

In this session Michelle will discuss WHAT, WHY and HOW to practice daily ritual for manifesting transformation in all areas of life.  Michelle will spend the 2nd 30 minutes of the session doing a general group reading for the participants asking what benefits they can expect from being consistent about daily ritual.


Toshii K. D. Cooper

The Energetic X-Ray - An Overall Assessment of The Health of The Chakras

5:30pm EST

The Vibrational Midwife

Ms. Cooper's mission is to INFINITELY thrive on this planet as she continuously maintains and enhances her energetic vibrational frequency and teaches others how to do the same so that they can INFINITELY thrive, as well.

Her twenty-plus years in the Wellness Industry has fueled her passions as a Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy Instructor, Reiki Master and Practitioner, Inventor, and Energy Wellness Consultant.  Presently, Ms. Cooper's guidance and direction is provided as a Wellness Educator for The Toshii School of Wellness, and, Speaker via lectures; online courses and in-person workshops; self-healing, hands-on and distant therapeutic healing modalities; a story-teller and author; and Chief Executive Officer of Infinite Healing Holistic Mobile Spa, a wellness company located in Atlanta, GA that specializes in on-site spa services for individuals, couples, and small and large groups.

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Tiffany Enk

Connecting To Past On Loved Ones.

7pm EST

This lifetime, I am here to help everyone create and enjoy their happiest life. As a psychic medium, I relay messages and help open the connections between those that are living and their passed loved ones. As a Mystic Healer, I use the energy of light/Goodness to cleanse and balance your chakras. Put it all together and you have a powerful mix of love, healing and transformation!