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Order products and services made for the public!
There are also many items that are personalized and made for one-of-a-kind healing!

The products below can either be ordered personally channeled for you exclusively or the public version. 

*Personally Channeled items are made just for the buyer. I use a technique where I connect with your guides or Higher Self to create a divination tool specifically for your vibe or inner need (a need you are unaware of but Spirit isn't). These items can take more time (especially the homemade items) and are blessed, crystal energy charged, and made with love and joy! These purchases are one of a kind and can not be refunded. *

*Organic items can eventually be found on Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, and other outlets but are currently only sold through me, yet are not made exclusive to one person. These items are available to all interested in buying. *

Any order that includes downloads or Breakthrough Chats will be emailed directions as to how to book the session or the download link.

Personalized, Channeled S.T.E.A.M. Products:

  • Personalized/Channeled Oracle Cards - Have a deck of Oracle cards created just for you and channeled using your guides! No one else will have the same deck! Messages will come through with clarity in a way you will most definitely understand. You can actually order a published or a homemade deck! Homemade decks take longer to arrive but are blessed, cleansed with sage, infused with copper flakes, and charged with crystal energy! These decks also include a 30 min. Breakthrough reading session via Zoom Live.

      Published $150       Homemade $250

  • Tarot Cards - Order one of my unique decks based on the Tarot.

Available At This Time: "Tarot Of The Womb", "Sacred Lotus of The Violet Flame Tarot", and "The Tarot of Martin" (as in Martin Lawrence.). Each deck comes with a booklet explaining each card and includes a 30  minute reading via Zoom. May take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

       Published Organic Decks $88

  • Oracle Card Decks - You can have one of my creatively and spiritually infused Oracle decks to use on yourself, clients, friends, or family! There are several to choose from available at this time: 

* Your Ancestors Speak

* Soothe Your Inner Child (Shadow Work) Oracle

* The Whole Universe Awaits! (Inspirational Cards)

Published Organic Decks and a Breakthrough reading via Zoom $90

  • Fortune Board Kit or Intention Board (DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) - I make boards for divination using pendulums and crystals! It comes with a fortune teller like from childhood days for added FUN! You have to buy your own pendulum and dice. Don't know where? Ask me!

Each board is slightly if not totally unique, comes with a handmade Fortune Teller, dice, pendulum, 3 small crystals for divination use on the board, and is handmade (Personalized board/ unique which includes crystal and copper infusion, as well as a blessing). The Intention Map is also infused with various elements and crystals but is designed to attract in what it is you desire or need in your life at this time and can also be created to help release something no longer needed, gently.

Add on that you also get a 30 min. Breakthrough chat via Zoom and you have some powerful tools to assist in guiding you along your journey!

       Homemade Channeled Fortune Board Kit $130

Homemade Channeled Intention Map $150

  • Healing Choreo/ S.T.E.A.M Session - Not only can you book a performance and commission choreography for your own group/ project but you can request a 1:1 private S.T.E.A.M. Session Live via Zoom! 40 Minutes of physically uplifting bliss! You also get a brief reading and visualization before your class starts! These sessions have been known to bring about emotional breakthroughs and freedom of Spirit as you connect to your Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Source Energy through soul transforming energy and movement.

       To book a performance or commission a piece contact and send your proposal.​

Book a Private 40 min. Healing S.T.E.A.M. Session with Breakthrough Reading $200

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